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Engage Spectators

Dynamically involve your audience in the competition. Increase audience engagement with real time speed results. Help your spectators cheer for their favorites!

Leverage What You Have

SkipTraq runs on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. With over 400 million devices worldwide, you likely have team members who already own them! SkipTraq uses standard consumer wifi and connects to any TV monitor with HDMI.

Not Just For Competitions

SkipTraq is easy to learn and use, and is highly portable. It can be used with or without a monitor. Use at team practice for an instant speed display!

Use SkipTraq Anytime!

Download now and give yourself plenty of time to become familiar with all the features and benefits of SkipTraq. You'll find both SkipTraq Scorekeeper and SkipTraq Scoreboard in Apple's App Store. Download now, and be up and running in just minutes.

One Size Fits All

For personal or small group use, display speed results directly on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. For larger groups or competitions, connect to any size monitor, from the very small, to large projection displays. Combine two or more monitors for unlimited competition growth!

Attractively Priced

Purchase SkipTraq Scorekeeper for $1.99.  SkipTraq Scoreboard is just $149.99. And you can put both Scorekeeper and Scoreboard on each iOS device you own at no additional cost.

What is SkipTraq?

SkipTraq is the first wireless speed display for the sport of Jump Rope.

SkipTraq consists of two apps in Apple's app store. SkipTraq Scoreboard is the display app and displays speed results as they occur in real time. SkipTraq Scorekeeper is the clicker app and is used to tabulate a jumper's steps. Together they provide you with a simple yet powerful tool for displaying speed results.

What Do I Need to Run SkipTraq?

SkipTraq is designed to leverage the resources you already have. Both SkipTraq Scoreboard and SkipTraq Scorekeeper run on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. With hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide, many of your team members already have them. And since these devices are readily available, you save your team the initial investment of expensive hardware.

SkipTraq devices talk to each other over standard wifi, and connect to TVs or Monitors using HDMI.  If you plan on using a monitor, you will need an iPhone 4 (or newer), or an iPod Touch 4th Gen or newer, since since these devices have the hardware necessary to support HDMI.

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